Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOW...over a month!

I have not been good at keeping up with my blog here recently...sorry to those of you who actually still check this:)
I thought I'd actually write something for this post. Here are some updates on our family

Oh boy, gotta love him!
My days are filled with lots of laughter and a few tears from this little boy! He will be 3 at the end of August and has been the ''typical'' 2 year old up to this point. He continues to love all things trains, but is expanding his passions to motorcycles, and well...anything with wheels. He has really enjoyed his bug catcher container from the dollar store....we catch lots of things everyday and then release them to go home to their mommies at night. He is particularly fond of toads and worms and ladybugs. He still LOVES his books and will now ''read'' them on his own during room time. I have been having ''devotionals'' with him most mornings after Seth goes down with his picture Bible book and he really,really loves it! He asks to read the God book quite often. He always wants to read the story of the crucifixion because he wants to see Jesus ''boo-boo's'' and he points out when he sees Mary weeping over Jesus on the cross that ''his mommy is crying''...I am really trying to seize these moments with my botched up effort, to speak about God's love for us/him. We go through creation quite often too:) Such teachable moments!
We continue to train him to stay in his bed for naps. Some days are great and some days....not so much:) It has helped to push his naps back a little to 2ish. He is starting to take an interest in the potty but well....I'm not so interested:) We will really gear up for that this summer. He is really growing into a daddy's boy more and more....whatever daddy is doing, he has to be there too. I'm really happy with this new love for daddy...i was beginning to feel''over loved'' with having now 2 mommas boys;)
Jake does really great with Seth these days...actually he always has done wonderful, but lately he will play with Seth, not just beside him. He asks ''where Set?'' when I put him down for a nap. I think he really doesn't mind having him around!
I have really been enjoying him more since I have limited my phone calls and computer use while they are up. It has provided me with more discipline opportunities but even more so, the sweet moments of playing horsey, cuddling, and just plain having more ''conversations'' with him about really random stuff. There are so many things I want to start doing with him come fall that I'm super excited about...mainly a bit more responsibility with chores and a chore chart/reward system and start some sort of pre-school curriculum that I can do during ''learning time'' with him. Nothing too big or time consuming seeing how he only will be 3. If any of you have seen anything you liked for the younger kids please let me know. i am not good at just making up things to do when it comes to activities/learning....I really need some sort of structure and ideas:)
Jake fav's are-Trains, matchbox cars, bugs, being flown in the air by daddy, wrestling every night with daddy, books, Mcdonalds ''chicken nuts and fies'', his cousin Maleena, killing flies, Dora, NONI-the neighbor lady who gives him juice boxes(cause i don't) and candy EVERY DAY, being outside, cows, coloring, stickers, shutting the doors on Seth, hide and seek is HUGE in this house, and finally-the moment he hears the garage go up at 5:15 when daddy gets home!....and frankly-its ALL of our favorite times!
Well, There is always more to share about kids...but some of it only interests I won't bore you with more things I love about Jake, just thought I'd share an update:)

Seth- Many of you have asked about his head issues. We still have seen no signs of anything wrong. We do see a neurologist in June to talk over what could possibly happen. I will update that after the appt.
My Seth is such a gigantic blessing to us. He seems to always be smiling and cheerful. He will be playing on the floor and starts squealing and smiling so hard when he sees me in another room...even I left the room just 1 minute though I had been gone all day:) Really cute! He will go to anyone but if I am anywhere in he's over, he only has eyes for his momma! He is taking a few crawls here lately so anytime now will be all over the house. He can go from a crawl to sitting position very fast, he's been doing that a while now, he is trying to pull himself up on things to stand, He refuses to eat baby food and now will only eat table food....he can eat half a can of green beans at one sitting... in addition to many other items!!! He just really wants to feed himself now...I'm fine with that:) He loves the typical food, and I'm not kidding when i say he will/can eat anything. He really doesn't seem to want to nurse much longer. He is acting very disinterested. I probably will wean him soon and give him bottle for a couple months till I go to milk. I have enjoyed nursing him for 9 months but i think we both are kinda ready to be through. I am looking forward to the rest of my breastfeeding weight to come off( i lost SO MUCH weight when I weaned Jake) and I really would like a weekend getaway without having to pump:) ----sorry if this is TMI--- i know some of you ask about stuff like this;)
I know he is still small but I am sure with his increase in all things food, he will pack em on soon:)
Seth fav's are wagon rides, mommy, bath time, graham crackers, hanging upside down , being flown in the air by daddy(verrererey carefully of course)licking the floor, pulling hair, and high on the top of the list is his love for Godiva! wow...this boy loves his big brown dog:)

These boys keep me busy and on my knees a lot asking for help from the Lord in this season, but It is so worth it! They bring me such JOY everyday! I have given up some outings during the week to be able to more regulate my time training Jake and being more purposeful at I can honestly feel lonely at times:) We do get out, just not quite as much. If anyone would like to pay us a visit during the day, I would love more company!!!

Maybe later I will do an update on James and I. this update took way longer than I thought, and ....we are not too exciting anyway:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just pics

Lots of pics! ill update later...FYI-that's jake sleeping in his big boy bed and James camping out outside his door to hear if he gets out....what a great daddy:)

And the cows escaped from the pasture in our back yard...they enjoyed the neighborhood grass...jake loved getting super close to them!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

seth's MRI results

i have not written for a while i know...even been too busy to take pictures: (

Seth's results from his MRI came today. He is missing some of his anterior corpus collosum. The Doctor will consult with others to see the next course of action but more than likely it will be a wait and see approach, just keeping an eye on his development, since he is so far developing great! I need to also ask about any vision problems he might have and what to do next. She also said that there may never be any signs of anything wrong..time will only tell.
Please pray that I (we) are aware of his development but not fearful and questioning every.little.thing. I did that too much with Jake...comparing....and I feel like that robbed me a little of my joy when he was younger. So and so just did there something wrong?.etc..... Anyone around Jake now for a split second knows that he is a normal 2 yr. old boy....all that wasted time worrying!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all the inquiries as to how we are doing. We honestly have felt a peace that I know I can't explain...a peace that only my great God can give us. God made my baby boy perfect, ''knitting him together'' in my womb! If that perfect means we might have to work with him a little more on certain things in the future...that is fine with us. What a blessing he has been to us!!!! I will post again when the doctors call me back about what to do next.

We are thanking the Lord for what we would consider a good outcome!!!! Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dentist Anyone?

You have to watch the whole video. Sad yet Funny. Makes me think twice about taking Jake to the dentist.

just pics

This last month was busy for birthday came and went, snow fell, we built inside forts, started feeding Seth solids, attempted to start to learn how coupon for groceries, i got to go with Katie to find out the gender of her baby,had a great visit with my nana as James was in California for a week and just general busyness of life. In an effort to restructure my days to most glorify God using my time more wisely, I have decided to limit my use of the computer. So far it has served my children and household greatly. I have also attempted to get back into needless to say with household duties, excersize, errands, spending time with my yougins, I will not be blogging quite as much...or checking my million blogs quite as often as well:) i will update mine...just not as often. Here are some pics over the last month

Wednesday, January 21, 2009